Senedd Committee review Goose petition
A petition calling on the Welsh Government to ban the hunting of Greenland White-fronted Geese was considered by the Senedd Petitions Committee recently. WOS supports a ban and submitted additional comments to the Committee. Click here to read our comments and hear the Committee's response.

Latest rarity: gyr falcon, Pembroke

Patchwork Challenge
The Wales league is topped by two Bardsey birders, led by Bird Observatory warden and WOS Welsh Records Panel member, Steve Stansfield. The Denbighshire hamlet of Llanfair TH currently leads the comparative league, which compares this year's total with the previous best. Meanwhile, almost 12,000 BirdTrack entries by Zac Hinchcliffe on his Bangor patch is seriously impressive.

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Why WOS supported Hen Harrier Day this month (pdf)